Wool Aire Matrix: Beyond the Bar Stool

Our Wool Aire Matrix jacket made it on Outside Magazine’s Fall list of 8 All-Weather Jackets. What can we say? We rub shoulders with the best in performance outerwear. But, there is one misconception that we’d like to clear up.

We go way beyond the bar stool.

Wool Aire insulation is sneaky. While the jacket is styled to look like a traditional down jacket, it leaves puffiness far behind for a slim, clean feel. And yet, when chilly push comes to freezing shove, Wool Aire insulations holds in heat longer than synthetics or down insulation. Not to mention that, unlike down, this jacket will keep you warm even if it gets wet from rain, sleet, snow or sweat. With a resume like this, the Matrix is the all-terrain jacket you want on your back in the backcountry.

Wool’s ability to keep you comfortable through a variety of temperatures and in all kinds of weather makes this the best jacket for aerobic activity above and beyond dog walking. Slip it on for a moonlight snowshoe hike or early morning skin track climb. When the day warms up, the jacket compresses for easy stowing in your backpack, so you always have a layer on hard for when the weather turns–whether you’re on Mt. Washington or exploring the Cascades.

The Wool Aire Matrix Jacket is made with a 100% Recycled Nylon shell, an 88% Recycled Rip Stop Poly lining, and filled with an Australian Merino wool blend. Wool is a renewable resource, shorn from sheep every year without harming them.

Can your down do that?

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