Free Online Premiere of “Not Bad” New Zealand Cycling Film – Today Only

Sheep cycling in New Zealand. Err… we mean: sheep, cycling and New Zealand. Add a crew of wicked talented bike riders, a chainsaw and an unlucky watermelon, and you’ve got the new movie from Anthill Films, “Not Bad.” Subtitle: “Thirty Days of Tomfoolery in New Zealand.”

The film premieres online today (!!) at 10am left coast time, with a free showing on iTunes. If you’re at work, plug in the headphones and hit play right now.  You only have until midnight PST tonight to see the guys from the Trek C3 Project freeride their way around the South Island of New Zealand. You will have a bit longer to book the tickets for your now “must-do” cycling trip in Kiwi-land.

Here’s the link to the trailer: To watch the full 30-minute film, scroll down to the iTunes prompt on the “Not Bad” landing page of the Anthill Films website.

Ibex is trying to secure a showing here in Vermont. We’d love to say it’s because of our New Zealand connection and the fact that sheep play prominently in trailer. That would be a lie of omission.

We want to host a showing because for the sweet-ass bike riding and to have a little more time with the BMX track that has been happily haunting our dreams since the first time we watched the trailer. Seriously. If that scene and those riders don’t inspire you to ride, you may have to check your pulse and your capacity for fun. It’s that good.