Ride More: 5 Ways to Make Riding Easier

May is National Bike Month, a perfect reason to pedal more and stress less. Here are five ways to make riding easier every day.

1. Have a plan. Lay out the clothes you’ll ride in and collect your necessary gear the night before to streamline morning commutes or noonday lunch rides.

2. Never underestimate the power of layers: rain, cold weather, fog. All can be foreboding but the right layers can break through the first few pedal strokes.

3. Have a goal. 30 days of commuting in a row? That gnarly switchback that refuses to be cleaned? The Dirty Kanza? Aim high.

4. Maintain. It doesn’t take much air or chain lube to take a squealing bike with splashy tires and make it hum.

5. Bring a friend. Despite it being like riding a bike, many people are intimidated by the scene, the traffic, the fitness and skills or the gravity of doing something different. Someone you know is dying to ride. Convince them and feel amazing for it.