What Dogs Think of Take Your Dog to Work Day

Ibex honors Take Your Dog to Work Day every day. We’re 100-percent committed to the boost that dogs bring to our daily satisfaction, productivity and humor. We love our dogs of Ibex (you’re going to want to click that link. It was a barely concealed ‘plant’ to something that will make you smile).

Back in 2013 we even won the Purina Pets at Work Award for 2013.

Today is national “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Whereas human-centric holidays are celebrated with free time, love, flowers, presents and beer, Take Your Dog To Work Day is celebrated by doing the thing we complain about the most.

This is the holiday we create for our best friends? Work.

We all have words we spell out in front of our dogs for fear they’ll get over-excited if they hear the real thing. “Rex, wanna play F-R-I-S-B-E-E? Gertie, wanna go on a W-A-L-K?”

Oddly, you never hear: “Who wants a S-T-A-P-L-E-R? Who wants a C-O-P-I-E-R?” Dogs are smart. Dogs are unmoved by the allure of strategy meetings and quarterly reports.

And yet, there we go. We load them in the truck or alongside the bike – giving the illusion that we’re off to a super–sweet new adventure. Their minds are already firmly entrenched in their happy place: streams to splash in, tennis balls falling from the sky, dog biscuits growing on trees and mud puddles just waiting for a good splash.

Then you pull up to the office. Ol’ Rex is probably still reeling with optimism. “Good plan,” he’s thinking. “We’ll drop off that briefcase and load up the water bottles because we are going to parrrtaaay today. Woof!”

Hope is not dimmed upon entering the hallowed halls of the workplace. To the contrary, Rexie sees a bunch of dogs that appear to have similar plans. At first, he shyly wonders if this was a surprise party in his honor, as you’d be inclined to do. But with no streamers or party hats, he quickly makes rounds to say hello, sniff butts, get tummy rubs and the like.


He’s worked the room. Etiquette has been followed and it’s time to get going on the day ‘o’ fun. That’s when he sees you. You’re not picking up water and extra balls. You’ve settled into your office and it appears…wait…yes, you are typing on the computer.

He stands – tail wagging at once enthusiastically and plaintively – at the door. His head cocks to the side and his ears do that irresistible folded over thing. Rex, the dog who is stoked on everything from a nap in the shade to day-long hike, hears the only words that can dampen his excitement.

“You’re a good boy, Rex. Lie down. Good boy.”

An hour or so later, Rex rolls over, stretches and walks over to you at your desk. His tail is swinging lazily side to side as he rests his head in your lap and looks up at you with only his eyes.

That’s the moment you realize that Take Your Dog to Work Day isn’t really a holiday for dogs at all. It’s for us. It’s the one day each year we’ve dedicated to eight extra hours of happiness and unmitigated love.

Redundantly, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day at Ibex.