Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes for You and Your Dog – Inspired by Hollywood

Only the coolest duos can pull off couple Halloween costumes. So this year, give your significant other the slip and hit the candy/party/cocktail circuit with your pup.

You’re never too old for Harry Potter and Fluffy.

Photo courtesy: www.ent13.com

Okay, the three-headed dog trick could turn into a crafting nightmare. Run down to the local toy store, big up a couple of stuffed dog toys and get busy with a dog harness and some duct tape. As for you: Toss on a black coat, a scarf, and some round glasses. Good. To. Go.

Land of the Lost

Dino-dog photo courtesy: www.workingventures.ca

For the three people out there who actually remember Marshall, Will and Holly of the original – the inimitable – “Land of the Lost” television series, this is RAD. Yes, you’ve got to buck up on the dinosaur outfit, which like many a bridesmaid’s dress – your dog can shorten and wear again. On the human side, belt your pants as far above your natural waist as possible, add a concerned look, and voila! That costume is in your closet right now.

Cats and Dogs, Living Together

Photo: joshme17, on Flickr/Creative Commons

In honor of the one of the most quotable movies of all time, give your pup the breathing room to be himself (or herself). You’ll take the brunt of this one with your very own kitty cat costume. We beg you not to do “sexy kitty.” That is so wrong on so many levels. We were going to suggest that you throw on a pair of ears, draw on whiskers with eyeliner and call it good. But Cheshire cat guy (see below) is so ding-danged excited, who are we to rob you of that joy? Fur from the craft store and a pair of striped Ibex Woolies, top and bottoms. Done. The movie? Fletch, of course.

Photo courtesy: www.Disneycostumes4u.com


Photo courtesy: www.media.onsugar.com

Remember how ornery the guy from Sideways was about merlot? If you and your dog are feeling equally prickly this Halloween, try on this easy grape ensemble. People can’t get too close without popping your costume. A misanthrope’s dream!

Photo courtesy: www.icrontic.com

Happy Halloween!