Puppies, Puppies, Puppies Galore

A train rolled in to White River Junction a few weeks ago carrying the world’s most potent elixir of happiness: puppies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is such a thing as a puppy train and it was bound for Ibex. Three lucky rescue pups were adopted by three (even luckier) members of the Ibex team. About the same time, across town, another young pooch – unrelated to the three rail-riders – joined our ranks. Meet the Ibex puppy squad below. Three are siblings and all are family. Is it too 2015 to call out #squadgoals?

Happy National Puppy Day!


Photo courtesy of Catherine Kiser

My name is Jessica Day (Jess).

I am a boxer/blue heeler mix.

I really love to…beat up my big boxer brother, I am teaching him that the ladies are in charge!

I’m not crazy about…cars. They are frightening when they drive by!

If I had to choose three words to describe myself, I would say…I am fearless, bubbly, and rambunctious.

My spirit animal is…a hummingbird because I flutter around moving from one thing to another with my tail wagging a million miles an hour.

My human best friend is…Brittany Scuncio, Ibex Materials Manager.

She loves it when I…go to the bathroom outside 🙂


Photo courtesy of Melissa Walker

My name is Carlie.

I am a boxer/Australian Heeler Mix and a rescue puppy.

I really love to…have my belly rubbed.

I’m not crazy about…it when Nubbins, my cat, hisses at me. I just want to be friends.

If I had to choose three words to describe myself, I would say…I am cuddly, sweet, and SMART!

My spirit animal is…a dolphin.

My human best friend is…Melissa Walker, Human Resource Manager for Ibex.

She loves it when I…sleep through the night without any accidents.


Photo courtesy of Beth Fish

My name is Ember.

I am a German Shepherd.

I really love to…chew on my bones and play with my brother, Jasper. He is a cat, and loves to let me chase him, I think…

I’m not crazy about…bath time. I get lots of treats when I get a bath, but I don’t like the water being sprayed on me.

If I had to choose three words to describe myself, I would say…I am spunky, smart, and adorable.

My spirit animal is…a Dalmatian. My dad is a firefighter and works for the division of fire safety, and my mom is an EMT – hence my name, like the embers from a fire.

My human best friend is…Beth Fish. She works in returns and warranties with my dog friend, Vaida, and her human, Caitlin.

My human loves it when I…listen. I get belly rubs and cookies if I do what they ask, and I sure do love my belly rubs….and cookies.


Photo courtesy of Evan Kay

My name is Gobi.

I am a boxer/blue heeler mix.

I really love to…wrestle and go on adventures with my parents. I love getting into trouble; I can’t help that I have a curious mind! If something needs to be explored, I’m already on it.

I’m not crazy about…peeing outside when it’s cold out. I mean, would you want to go outside when it’s below freezing to pee when you could go in the comfort of your home? I’m getting better about it, and haven’t peed inside in awhile. It’s also spring now.

If I had to choose three words to describe myself, I would say… I am adventurous, friendly, and loving.

My spirit animal is…a fox! I love to stalk and pounce on my toys. I also like to dig and make strange noises.

My human best friend is…Evan Kay, a.k.a. @ibexdude. He’s the Video Marketing and Social Media Manager. He loves to exploit me.

My human loves it when I…am calm and not biting at his feet. He loves to bring me on his bed when I’m tired and I just want to snooze. He also loves it when I play with my sisters or other dogs. He thinks it’s really cute.