How to Wash Merino Wool: Wear More, Wash Less

Getting Dirty

Don’t believe the hype: caring for Ibex wool is simple and straightforward. With sweater-weather moving across the country in full force, now is the perfect time for a little refresher on how to care for your Ibex wool garb. Spoiler alert: It’s easy, you don’t need any special equipment, and it saves the planet (lest we’re prone to hyperbole).

The sheep do their part in bringing your fave Ibex apparel to your closet; now it’s up to you. Another “pro” on the Merino wool list is that in addition to being relatively quick drying, renewable, thermo-regulating, and naturally versatile, it’s also super easy to care for. Merino wool: an athlete’s tool, a conservationist’s dream, and a Maytag repairman’s nightmare.

You see, Merino wool will reach its durability peak if you wash it as infrequently as possible. Considering wool’s natural anti-bacterial qualities (a polite way of saying, “not stinky”), you need not worry about social politesse. If you take care of your Ibex wool (by not washing it), your wool will take care of you.

We understand that some people prefer to keep a cleaner ship, so to speak. That’s okay, too. When the time comes for a full-on laundering, whenever you deem that to be, follow these easy steps.

How to wash Merino wool:

● Always check the care label on each Ibex piece, as care may vary depending on the product.

● Wash with cold water using an Ibex recommended detergent. Please don’t use fabric softener and bleach.

● Dry on a flat surface, away from direct heat or sunlight. Some garments are down for a tumble in the machine, but most should avoid the dryer. Check the tag to be sure.

● Buy a new outfit! Technically, this isn’t required. Though, as a natural material, wool benefits from a rest day every so often – just as your body needs a rest day from working out (or your hair needs a break from the blow dryer). This will help the wool fibers retain their natural resiliency and stretch.

● Hang your wovens; fold your knits. If you have any questions which is which, call our friendly, customer service line: 800.773.9647.

Saving the planet? Really? Perhaps that too audacious claim, but little things do add up. Consider these resource-saving benefits:

● Naturally odor-resistant, sometimes all Ibex wool needs is to be hung up with little airflow (out of direct sunlight) for a legitimate refresh.

● Ibex wool is machine-washable, so you control the water usage (high efficiency recommended) and chemical usage (non-detergent cleaners recommended).

● Washing in cold water = less heating needs = money saved.

● Corollary note: Did you know that high efficiency washers can easily save over $100 per year in energy costs, and they use ½ as much water.

● No agitator in front loading machine means gentler wash, which is perfect for performance merino apparel.

● Wool is best air dried, so forgo the electric or gas dryer and hang on a line or lay flat on table.

If “wear more and wash less” doesn’t jive with your notion of cleanliness, think of it as “wash smart and stink less.” After all, Merino sheep spend 365 days a year outside without bathing and they smell surprisingly awesome. [Ed. note: Perhaps that’s the newest scent-oriented, pick-up line, “Is that sheep you’re wearing?”]