Ibex Ambassadors, OSOM present: Search for the Perfect Day

In 2013, our team of three kayakers, including Chris Bensch, Shay Bickley, and Jason Self, (better known as Team OSOM – Out of Sight, Out of Mind), took our mission to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and rivers across the US in search of the root cause of the problem with the hopes of identifying a solution. Our journey to seek out others who inspire with their words and actions, and our search for the elusive “Perfect Day”; a day we can paddle without finding a single piece of plastic or litter in the water, lead to new
discoveries and surprisingly simple strategies that have the potential to turn the tide against the onslaught of plastic flooding oceans, rivers, and beaches, which have the potential to disrupt the food web and all life on this planet.  


(Left to right: Jason, Shay, Chris. Photo: Fredrik Marmsater)

Beginning with our 100 mile Portland to Ocean Trashpedition in 2012, through 2013’s Search for the Perfect Day and beyond, our understanding of the problem and how to resolve it has evolved significantly. This film chronicles that journey. We wanted to produce a film with a positive approach to an often times depressing situation. As our understanding grew over the years, we began to see that the problem of litter is not actually litter it’s self, but rather a disconnect between our understanding & actions and their impact on the natural world.  We made this film with the sole purpose of sharing what we’ve learned with as many people as possible. We hope to inspire people to unplug and get outside, and introduce someone new to the outdoors so that an inevitable understanding of the intrinsic value of nature can be realized, and advocacy for stewardship and conservation continue to grow.

With spring time nearly here, it’s the perfect time for introducing someone new to the outdoors. If you happen to find litter while you’re out there, #JustPickItUp, and go out of your way to refuse single use plastics, and support companies who are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment like Ibex. We as “consumers” have the power to decide what’s produced, and ultimately what’s wasted. #VoteWithYourDollars