Let’s Talk Jerseys

When you want to go on a ride, the last thing you want to think about is style. But there it is: the subliminal pressure to look good without showing effort; the hope to “fit in” without losing your flair; the need for gear that works without forgoing socially acceptable fashion.

Ibex is a performance brand with a fashion story, so we’ve got you covered literally and figuratively.

New for spring/summer 2013, we have three new cycling jerseys plus a few versatile pieces for folks who define cycling clothes a little more broadly.

New Cycling-Specific Jerseys


The Rim line introduces the Rim Short Sleeve Jersey and the Rim Full Zip Jersey to the men’s line-up for summer 2013. The Rim fabric is our most recent technical innovation. 18.5-micron Merino teams up with a touch of Nylon for added stretch and resilience. It’s butter soft to the touch, but wicked tough for the long haul.


Both the Rim Short Sleeve and the Rim Full Zip are form fitting, with practical features like three back pockets and a reflective logo for safety. Also, on top of superior temperature regulation and breathability, the Rim fabric is really quiet! Bonus for long rides.


The women’s cycling line up welcomes its newest jersey in the form of the Indie Freeride. The Indie Freeride will be your go-to jersey for the heat of summer. At 18.5-microns and a 195g/m2, it feels like your finest and favorite T-shirt – if you’re T-shirt could move sweat like a freight train and keep you comfortable even on the toughest climb. The Indie Freeride has a single zippered pocket, set at an easy-to-access angle. Three killer colors and a sweet, contrasting design on the back stand out of the crowd.

And then there’s…

We all know that dude or chica who refuses to wear anything that resembles cycling gear, but still loves to ride. Merino wool was all but invented for these style mavericks. Take the performance and shake in your own dose of fashion.

These new spring/summer pieces aren’t necessarily intended to be part of our cycling line, but we’re not gonna tell anyone if you don’t.


For mountain biking or commuting, check out the men’s OD Polo and Strata Button Front shirts. They’re both 18.5-micron Merino, so you’re getting the same comfort and performance in a looser, street-style shirt. To be fair, these shirts are not designed to withstand the constant wear of gruff, hydration pack straps day after day. So we recommend picking up one for your cycling kit and one for your work wardrobe.


On the women’s side, Ibex introduces the Rim ½ Zip. It’s the same fabric and general style as the men’s Rim jerseys (see above), but intended for any endurance event. To that end, we’ve left in the front zipper for air flow and left out the rear pockets to eliminate extra baggage.

Choose your style and choose your ride. Ibex and Merino has you covered.