Ibex’s Year-Round Resolutions

When it stretches out in front of you like a blank sheet of paper, the New Year is filled with potential. Grow older and years tend to run in a type of rhythm. The expectations of garden planting and apple picking, powder skiing and campfires punctuating familiar trips to work, to the lunch counter, to the coffee shop. Hence, resolve and resolutions stand at the beginning of the year like a well inked pen, ready to rewrite routine and dullness, to kick in a little more intention and thoughtfulness. New Year’s Resolutions are great when they break through cliché. (Gym memberships anyone?) We prefer resolution and resolve throughout the year, so we’re making this year’s rewritten rules seasonal. Here are Ibex’s year-round resolutions:


  • Resolution: there is no full-fledged powder day worth working through. SICK DAY GUIDE
  • Resolution: to pare down the outfits to fewer, more versatile and more functional.


  • Resolution:, temperature being appropriate, we’ll catch the ice harvest nearby at the Brookfield Ice Harvest.
  • Resolution: to skip common contrivance (chocolate, flowers) and get the gift this year for Valentine’s Day that’s actually representative of love- a really great outdoor experience. Think first chair on a snowy weekend, coffee in the sleeping bag on a winter hut trip, new skins perfectly cut edge to edge for a partner. (Also, nothing says, “I love you” like a Wool Aire Vest.)


  • Resolution: to remain steadfast in the wake of a late Spring and to celebrate a few more weeks in wool layers.
  • Resolution: to keep doing things the hard way, the long way, the hand-selected, quality controlled, carefully crafted way that highlights a better product, a longer lasting product.


  • Resolution: to plant fewer Mesclun greens this year since there’s just such a glut of it by the end of June and we just want to start deep frying everything in response to that much wholesome home grown vegetable goodness.


  • Resolution: to run the highest climbing trails near-by well before they are dry enough to be easy and without adventure.


  • Resolution: to stop mid-bike ride before the month’s end for no fewer than three separate swimming holes. Bonus resolution: at least two of these will be at the end of forgotten gravel roads.
  • Resolution: to get up at dawn and live out the full solstice day well past sunset. To do: paddling, pedaling, mild yard work, star-gazing and IPA testing.


  • Resolution: 48 hours without a computer, smart phone or tablet screen interaction.
  • Resolution: to take in at least two late shows at the Montreal Jazz Festival.


  • Resolution: not to let the carrots get picked by a garden scavenger before we get to them.
  • Resolution: more photography in that golden late summer sunlight. Bonus resolution: more days watching the light escape the day.


  • Resolution: to pick-your-own apples, to pick too many to use, to use them.
  • Resolution: to start one hike in the rain.


  • Resolution: to drink more coffee in proportion to the days getting shorter.
  • Resolution: to commute to work through the month by bike.


  • Resolution: to ski with the first snowfall of the year, even if it is less than an inch on a well cut swath of grass in a city park.


  • Resolution: to finish holiday shopping before the 15th.
  • Resolution: more days that involve a woodstove.
  • Resolution: to consume more holiday cookies with less guilt thanks to more winter adventures.