It’s Never Too Late To Give A Sheep! New Year Gift Guide


Photo by Jake Lyell, Courtesy of Heifer International

What ever happened to easy? Remember when a lump of coal or an orange was the barometer of a good holiday?

Okay. We don’t either. But we do remember a simpler time, when the crush of holiday gift giving wasn’t so overwhelming with choices and access and options. We aim to help you find the simple joy of giving again — all with one word.


You expected us to pimp wool, but hear us out. Ibex is making shopping easy with our online personal shopper for the New Year. Click a button for the amount you’d like to spend and the personality and the gender of the recipient. Voila! You’ll see several perfect, wooly options for a gift they’ll love. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Check out our Gift Guide. Don’t forget we have free ground shipping on every order over $99, as always.

Don’t toss out that shopping list just yet.

What’s easier than making generosity your theme for the season? Call your wool and raise the ante with a full sheep.

We’re longtime admirers of Heifer International, the philanthropic organization that supports sustainable farming, the empowerment of women and the alleviation of poverty with gifts of animals. For the cost of a fancy dinner out, you can provide a family with an entire sheep. The sheep, in turn, provides wool, milk and breeding opportunities for more sheep. If a fancy dinner out isn’t in the budget, you can buy into a share of a sheep for as little as $10.

If that’s doesn’t earn you an orange in your stocking, we don’t know what will.

Happy New Year!