Simple Pleasures

There are many simple pleasures in life and no better time than the Christmas season to luxuriate in the things you love best. Focusing on these simple pleasures may help relieve some of the stress and complications associated with this harried time of year.

Picture those things you love. This could be taking your dog for a long walk, grinding a fresh coffee on a cold morning, putting your feet up in front of a wood stove, reading a good book, sitting down to a nice meal with family and friends, or going for a cross country ski. You get the idea. It is these moments that make the Christmas season special and it is these moments that are the antidote to our busy and distracted world.

By this point you might be thinking that this all sounds good, but you have 49 different gifts to buy and 5 Christmas parties to schedule in. It is nearly impossible to find the perfect gift in a world with as many choices and expectations as the one we live in. But it precisely at this point that it is necessary to remember the simple pleasures that we daydreamed above. Consider the things you love to do and think about one thing that everyone can use in each of the situations above – socks!

I humbly suggest that there is nothing in this world that is more luxurious than a new pair of socks. The simplest of simple pleasures is what you wrap your feet in day-in and day-out. Socks are practical, always in need, and less susceptible to the whimsy of fashion. In short, a good quality pair of wool socks is hard to beat! This Christmas, forget about the newest techie gizmo or gift card to Store X. Buy the people you love a simple gift – some Ibex socks – that they can enjoy all year long.

Dan Clark, Ibex Ambassador and explorer.