A Week of Thanks in a Week of Sales


As the final Thursday in November creeps up on us – seemingly faster and faster each year – we at Ibex take time to reflect on how darn appreciative we are for…well…just about everything.

We’re grateful for our families, with whom we muck out the meaning of love – even when we drive each other a little batty.

We’re grateful for our friends, with whom we test that idea that laughter, indeed, can conquer all.

We’re grateful for our homes – however humble or elaborate – because a house of brick, or wood, or stone has very little sway over the sense of home that truly makes it come alive.

We’re grateful for the dogs, cats, mini burros, and other animals that share their lives with us. Anyone who says that animals have no feelings has obviously never had a dog rest its head in their lap.

That’s only scratching the surface, obviously. And, lest we take time away from your family, friends, homes and pets, we’ll get to the point. We’re grateful for you, our extended Ibex family.

Yeah, we know. Every marketer and their cousin are telling you the same thing right now. Here’s what we mean: You inspire us. We’re wool-loving maniacs on a mission, and your daily adventures are what keep us inspired.


We’re behind you for every crazy dream that you have of riding, skiing, hiking, running, paddling, or mule-packing to some remote meadow in a high mountain paradise. And we’re behind you for the tenacity to ride your bike to work on that frosty winter morning. And we’re behind you when the biggest accomplishment of the day coming up with clever names for the snowmen your kids made in the backyard.

It’s easy to get sucked into superlatives when you’re a lover of life and the outdoors. To us, being “rad” is being true to yourself and what you value. That may be skiing a 50-degree slope or it may be cross-country skiing across your local park with a bota bag (remember those?) of mulled wine. To us, living with the integrity to “just be you” is rad, even if no one yet understands your particular brand of genius.

And because you inspire us, we’ve extended a Black Friday crush into a sweet weeklong #blacksheepfriday sale. We’re talking 20-25% off, with new sales launching Nov. 24, Nov. 27, and Nov. 30. It’s one way to say thanks…and who are we fooling? Of course, we’re suckers for a good holiday sale!

This week of gratitude, get down with your bad self, #blacksheepfriday.

With thanks and love,