Griffin Whiteside FA: The Last Great One V13

The Last Great One v13: Griffin Whiteside FA from Scott Hall

I was introduced to “The Last Great One” project at the end of 2012 by a close friend, Chad Parkinson. Immediately I was in disbelief, perfection was the only word that I could associate. The holds are all comfortable, the moves powerful, and the finishing move couldn’t cap it off any better. Anthony Chertudi and his wife had originally found the boulder and built an impressive landing. He happily shared this project with me and I couldn’t be more grateful that he allowed me to establish “The Last Great One” this year.

“The Last Great One” is a perfect roof in Joe’s Valley, Utah. While there are only 10 moves to the lip of the boulder, each one is just powerful and long enough to require adequate endurance. There was no obvious crux throughout the whole climb as every move was fairly consistent. In fact, I was able to do the last move by itself with no struggle. But from the beginning proved to be a different story. Early on during one of the 3 sessions on this masterpiece, I surprised myself and fell off the final move. I couldn’t believe it…but I learned quickly! Right after that I managed to fall off this same move 3 more times.

The thought of this climb had been on my mind for the past couple months as I found myself rambling on and on of its perfection. I felt as though I couldn’t be any closer and became discouraged from being “almost there” consistently. My next trip up to the boulder seemed to provide the same result. I immediately fell off the last move somehow managing to feel closer. However, a few tries shortly after I luckily managed to end up standing on top of the boulder in a snow storm…in only my boxers. This felt like the only acceptable celebration in those circumstances. Following its completion, I felt relaxed but anxious. While I felt content with this boulder problem, I knew that I was about to be dominated by the endless potential of Joe’s Valley.

Words by Griffin Whiteside, Ibex Athlete.