Here’s to the Women


Ibex influencers (clockwise from top), Lori, Elise, Becca, and Tara.

Ladies, we don’t think you get enough credit for all that you do. Tuesday, March 8th was #InternationalWomensDay, let’s take a moment to pause and praise. We’re telling the world how great you are.

Women invented the first computer, proved plate tectonics, reimagined literature, and lead the charge for civil rights.

And women continue to break through glass ceilings and crush expectations left and right. For example: can you guess the oldest person to hike the entire Appalachian Trail? 74 year old Nan Reisinger with a little help from her friend and hiking partner, 67 year old Caroline Banjak.

We are constantly blown away and inspired by women in our own Ibex extended family. They are through-hikers meeting PTSD head on. They are business owners. They are artists. They are athletes going after their Olympic dreams. They are adventurers and makers, movers and shakers.

Here’s to the women who rock our world!