Ibex 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Gift of Time


Photo Credit: From Scratch Club

“I took some time out for life.”  – James L. Brooks

Giving is the most wondrous part of the holiday season. It fortifies our fatigued hearts and minds at the end of a long year. The expression of someone who loves what you’ve given can be held in memory long after the last bit of paper and ribbon is discarded. And, of course, it’s the sharing of our precious time with family, new friends, and old.

When we reminisce of holidays past, no one tells fond stories of how their friends and family spent December shopping. It’s the laughs after the turkey caught on fire in the oven, or the snowy walks taken in the woods when the whole family had one day off together. It’s the shared experiences and the beauty of a time dedicated to generosity of spirit.

This holiday season, Ibex can’t give you more time. But we can give you the gift of ease, so you can…well…take some time out for life.

The Ibex Holiday Giving Guide organizes all of the warmth and style of Ibex apparel by the amount you’d like to spend.

The Ibex Hat-O-Matic Visualizer helps personalize your hat, beanie and cap gifts to the style that matches the recipient. Efficient, and thoughtful.

Stocking stuffers, accessories and gift cards are within the reach of one, easy click.

And, while everyone else is encouraging you to shop early, Ibex encourages you to take a measured pace. The “holidays” are now. Your kids are home tonight, not just for one day on the 25th, or whatever day you hold most dear. Your work party will generate some inside joke that will carry the office laughter through 2015, and that fresh snowfall begs to be enjoyed, since we never truly know when it will come again. In the interest of enjoying every minute, Ibex is offering FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders above $75, through Dec. 22, 2014.

Happy Holidays.