Ibex Advocate Katie Sealer Puts Wool to the Test

By Ibex Advocate Katie Sealer

I must confess, I do not love winter (contrary to the many smiles on my Instagram feed). I am always cold and dressed in too many layers to properly move, but this year I was given the opportunity to work with Ibex to solve this problem. While I loved their products before testing them out fully, I didn’t completely understand WHY they worked so well. I now can tell you how to survive winter with a big smile and how to get more outside when you really don’t want to!

Katie Sealer 1

First, accept you’re going to be cold at some point, but you will warm up. Know your weak points. I have a minor tear in my hip labrum so when my legs get too cold they get really tight. I have been throwing on the Izzi Pant for every climbing outing this year and it’s been a true game changer. It’s warm and I can actually move. Gone are the days of wearing two pairs of tights and hoping that my runner quads will allow full motion for climbing with that arrangement.

Katie Sealer 2

I also have been the girl with two coats on just to go for a run in 30-degree weather. Seriously, my inability to handle cold is legendary. But I was given a Woolies base layer this season and I can wear this thin long sleeve alone in the 30s and still be SWEATING. It is a glorious game changer and saving my puffy coats from smelling like sweat.

Katie Sealer 3

If all else fails and even your glorious and marvelous Ibex wool layers aren’t working, you can just grab a buddy and cuddle up tight. Both will make climbing and running outside more enjoyable, even in the bitter cold. I’ve been out bouldering in 37 degrees and rain this year; I’ve run in bitter 10 below weather. They both were great because I layered correctly and had good friends to keep me company when the idea of the cold was too much. So layer up, and charge straight into whatever winter throws at you.

Katie Sealer 4