Ibex Asks: Hot Dog… The Movie. Where are they now?

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The cast and crew of the classic ski flick, Hot Dog… The Movie: Where in God’s name are they now?

Y’all remember Hot Dog, right? (Hint: If you’re a skier, simply lie and say, “yes.”) Yep, it was one of the original ski movies, hitting the silver screen in 1984 and celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It was the film that convinced you looking good was just as important as your skiing skills, being a good skier was (apparently) the ultimate aphrodisiac, and hot tubs should be permanently verboten from the thinking person’s après-ski activities.

Many words have come to describe Hot Dog over the decades. “Campy, low-budget, gratuitous nudity and simple-minded” may come to mind right alongside “hilarious, silly, classic and a blast.” Today we sleuth out what the top three stars from Hot Dog… The Movie have been up to since living out their adolescent ski fantasies in 1984.

David Naughton was Dan O’Callahan, the king of the local dirt bag skiers. David Naughton was also a freakin’ Shakespearean actor prior to his starring role in Hot Dog. Pause to let that sink in. To his credit, he seems to have followed his ski opus with a consistent career as a television character actor. Though many would consider his leading role in An American Werewolf in London (1981) his career high point, we’d make a strong pitch for his guest role in a 1991 episode of MacGyver. But what do we know? Interestingly, no Shakespearean roles appear on his résumé after 1984.

Shannon Tweed was Sylvia Fonda, the buxom, blonde love (…or something like that) interest. Who knew that Shannon Tweed was a staple in all of the classic TV shows from the ‘80s and that some industrious film buff could likely promote an “All-Shannon-Tweed-B-Movie” marathon? Now you do. We could list her roles since 1984, which would take a surprisingly long time. Instead, we must share that she has played the starring role in Gene Simmons’ life since 1983. Yes, Gene Simmons of KISS bagged Sylvia Fonda.

Patrick Houser was Harkin Banks, the naïve, fun-loving Iowa farm boy turned badass, Squaw Valley skier. Patrick is a hard man to track down. So hard, in fact, that we could dig up very little info on him. He’s not done too much acting work post-Hot Dog, but when you kick into your career with the “Kick Ass Blaster” (aka a triple twisting jump his character attempts in the flick), how can you possibly top it?