Stranded in the Backcountry With Ibex’s Own VP of Product, James Fisher

In our ongoing series…wait…does two over a year count as a series (one, two)? Sure. In our ongoing series, Stranded in the Backcountry, Ibex wants to know how you’d spend three, blissful days alone in nature. All of your basic needs are covered (food, water, heat, shelter, etc.) are in this “what if” game masquerading as a travel agent. Whether it’s a stroke a good luck or your worst, extroverted nightmare is up to you.

James Fisher, Ibex VP of Product, is our latest lucky castaway. Yep, that’s him in the picture with a tall pint of good beer reflected in the aviators. Here’s what he had to say.

Ibex Question: Where do you want to go? Tropical surf break, backcountry hut in winter, the savannah plains, the deep forest, or…? 

James Fisher: Backcountry hut for sure! Hopefully it’s an el niño year.

Ibex: What goes through your mind:

a) Sweet, a few days to myself!

b) This is an absolute nightmare.

c) Okay. I’ll have fun, but I sure wish it were a party!

Fisher: C


Ibex: We’ll allow one luxury item. What do you pack?

Fisher: My Mont Blanc pencil. It’s the closest thing to a “luxury” item I own – not much of a luxury guy. But it is a badass pencil and I’ll need it to write while I’m stranded.

Ibex: How will you spend your days in solitude?  

Fisher: Shredding my face off…wait…I’m still in the backcountry hut, right?

Ibex: Yep. Still stuck. Which book do you hope is on the bookcase?

Fisher: Something with lots of pages – just in case I need to burn it for heat.

Ibex: Your iPod crashes and leaves you with only room for three songs. Which songs do you salvage?  

Fisher: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Trick question: I’m flipping it to get room for three albums:

  1. Z-Trip Live, from Future Primitive
  2. A Dog/Beasties mix, Genius (RIP Brother)
  3. Low End Theory

Ibex: On the flip side, what song – if played on endless repeat – would you make you run naked and screaming from the hut after three days? 

Fisher: Anything my daughters are currently listening to. Take your pick. They all sound the same to me!

Ibex: If one person were to be stranded with you – living or dead – who would you bring along?  

Fisher: Jules. No doubt.

Ibex: What’s the first thing you look for when you “escape” (or are forced) back to civilization?

Fisher: Double Double, animal style. [Ed. Note: If you don’t know In-N-Out Burger, you still have life to live, my friends.]

Ibex: Shameless promo: Which Ibex piece will bring you joy in your exile?

Fisher: Since I’m dreaming, I get a few. First things first, I’m gonna need my Woolies. Then, I’m taking a Wool Aire, some Gallitan pants and a Taos Plaid shirt. And…some D-lux Boxers for sure!!

Thanks, James! We’re pretty sure it’s a party wherever you are.