The Ibex Five for Fathers, A Gift Guide

Put to rest the same tired gifts and material platitudes common to Father’s Day. Dad doesn’t want a tie. He doesn’t want dinner out. Instead, it’s time to find something more fetching for dad. Hence, we present to you Five for Fathers: five gifts (with a special twist) to consider when celebrating all that is dad.

1.    The OD Heather T – 18.5 micron Merino maximizes comfort year round and as a bonus to new dads, the hydrophobic fibers that construe this amazingly versatile tee resist all manner of fluids from spit up to the spilt milk, making it a perfect companion for the jeans he’ll be living in these days. Dad jeans.

2.    The OD Heather T– Life with a pre-teen is rife with pratfalls, endless chauffer efforts and the sympathetic sweat the comes with raising hormonally challenged youth. An unpredictable schedule that means quick drop-offs of your gangly child at the climbing gym before a harried coffee shop meet with colleagues needs a common uniform that stays looking presentable. The OD Heather T is that uniform.

3.    The OD Heather T– Done-in-a-day adventure means cramming as many micro outings into one twenty four hour period. It’s especially key to be efficient during years when teenage life makes schedules wildly unpredictable. If dad is raising a teenager, the frenetic pace of pre-work mountain bike rides before junior’s inner clock ticks over requires a tee that can quickly move into under layer duty should time get too tight for a change. Bonus: odor resistance, moisture management and easy comfort all the way through the evening when teaching the teen to tune up her own bike might result in an argument as easily as a clean drivetrain, depending on where the teenage tea leaves fall that day.

4.    The OD Heather T If you’re reading this, chances are, the father for which your buying this gift is a sneak-out-of-the-college-orientation-presentation-for-a-near-by-trail-run kind of guy. If that’s the case, he’ll need a layer that can slide easily under a button down, stay light an airy through a forty-five minute sanity workout and return before the roommate assignments are doled out. All this with the same layer staying relatively dry and presentable. That layer is the OD Heather T.

5.    The OD Heather T In the last years before you become a father yourself, chances are you’ll want to spend a bit more time with your own dad. Travel is a place to cut out the distractions of daily living and whether you’re packing for backcountry ski trip in the Chugatch or bike touring the Great Divide, the OD Heather T does duty as a travel ready airport shirt, baselayer, après ski comfort layer or balled up as your tent pillow. Go for the matching color since you and your dad are likely well beyond the years capable of embarrassing each other.