Why You Should Support Your Local CSA


Why should you consider contributing to community supported agriculture (CSA)?  Where to begin…  You may want to connect with a diverse local food source instead of relying on a conventional global system.  Maybe you want to gain a better appreciation for your food by learning where (and how) it is grown.  Or, perhaps you want to form a connection with the people who work the land, and want to experience what fresh food actually tastes like.

Across the country, more and more people have started to ask questions about how their everyday goods are produced and where their food comes from.   Many of us have started to focus on buying less, being more intentional with our purchases.  Call it a shift in consumer consciousness, to seek out craftsmanship, intentional design, and passion.  When it comes to food, look no further than your local CSA.

Modern day small farms aren’t easy to operate.   It takes long hours, hard work, and sweat equity to pull off a harvest year after year.  There are a number of different factors that a farmer must deal with every day; weather, bugs, overhead costs, variable costs, weather, and bugs (yeah, those are worth mentioning twice).  By purchasing a CSA share, you become an active participant in a local food system.   Typically, you buy a share in the first half of the year, and then receive produce in the summer or fall.  When you join a CSA, you provide small farms a source of revenue in the off season that will allow them cover their expenses until the harvest, at which time you will reap the reward of fresh, local produce.

The Ibex store in Seattle is proud to be a pick up location for Oxbow Farm out of Carnation, WA.  If you live in Seattle and want to support a CSA, stop by our store in University Village to talk with us about the benefits of joining.