DTL: Down to Lounge? An Ibex Quiz to Determine How You Get Down When the Time Comes to Lie Down

Relaxation is:
a) A state of mind.
b) Something I schedule into every week.
c) Like sleep: I’ll do it when I’m dead.

When I roll home after work:
a) I pop a beer and plan my weekend.
b) I try to catch the “Glutes of Glory” ski fitness class if the timing works out.
c) I jump on my bike and squeeze in an interval sesh.

It’s a rainy Saturday (and I don’t live in Seattle or Portland). I’m going to spend it:
a) Guiltlessly bingeing through my Netflix queue.
b) In a yin yoga class, then reading a good book.
c) Running! No one else is out when the skies open up.

My favorite lounge singer is:
a) Nick the Lounge Singer, because Bill Murray…duh!
b) Nick the Lounge Singer, because I don’t really know what a lounge singer is.
c) Nick the Lounge Singer, because it’ll get this damn quiz over quicker and I can do something productive.


My favorite movie is:
a) The Big Lebowski
b) Star Wars
c) Breaking Away

After a day of skiing, I:
a) Am ready for a fire and hot drinks.
b) Invite friends over for a potluck.
c) Run through some plyometrics to work on my speed and power.

My workout playlist includes:
a) Lots of stuff – I just cop ‘em from Spotify.
b) I’m way into sitar stuff right now. Or I’ll play “Lemonade,” start to finish. Beyoncé. Love.
c) I warm up with “Under Pressure.” Bowie and Queen. Actually, the Ben Harper/Jack Black version is pretty sweet, too. After that, anything with at least 180 beats per minute (180 bpm) is fair game.

When a buddy says “take it easy” as we say goodbye, I automatically think:
a) Already on it, bro.
b) Easy is as easy does.
c) I don’t understand.


If you answered “A” to most of the questions: Congratulations, you are an ultimate lounger! By no means does this imply lethargy; it’s just a recognition that life does not need to be lived on full throttle at all times. When it’s right, you can kick back with the best of them. Your friends look to you set the chill vibe.

Perceived (in)famous “ultimate loungers” from history and today: Dorothy Parker, Bill Murray, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski

Sartorial matchmaking: Ultimate loungers need ultimate lounging pants or “sleep-n-goes.” My pants are comfy enough to sleep in, and stylish enough to roll right out the door in the morning: a.k.a. sleep and go. We recommend the Ibex Northwest Lounging Pant for men, and the Waffle Knit Bottoms for women.

If you answered “B” to most of the questions: Congratulations, you are a balanced lounger! You live your life like a perfectly modulated sine curve, making equal space for hard charging, moderation, and low-key times. You’re the friend who gets the call to hang at a barbeque, climb a peak, or hit up a club. In other words, you kind of do it all.

Perceived (in)famous “balanced loungers” from history and today: The Most Interesting Man in the World, Helen Mirren, Jon Stewart

Sartorial matchmaking: Balanced loungers need a pant that’s just as ready for a good book as it is for an outdoor adventure. The Ibex Dolce Legging and Dolce Pants for women check all the right boxes: comfy, warm, performance-oriented, and they each look great on their own. Wear them to yoga, under a skirt, under ski pants, or snuggled under a blanket on the couch. For men, the Highlands Pant is as versatile as they come for camping and hiking to an easy-going dinner party at home.

If you answered “C” to most of the questions: Congratulations, you are a no-can-do lounger! Lounging to you is lunging with an extraneous ‘O,’ because you turn the volume up to 10 on everything you do. No one is saying you can’t relax, but really, who has the time when there are so many other fun things to do? You’re the one people call when they want to charge.

Perceived (in)famous “no-can-do loungers” from history and today: Lindsey Vonn, Jens Voigt, Katniss Everdeen

Sartorial matchmaking: You need something that is ready to go on a moment’s notice. Even though these bottoms feel great while awaiting your next adventure, the barometer tips toward performance for you. For men, the Gallatin Classic Pant is rugged enough for outdoor pursuits and comfy enough for a day of ski touring. On the women’s side, the Ibex Izzi Tight is the winter-ready, do-it-all, up-for-anything tight.