Ski Area Opening Dates Around the Country (and Canada, too)


If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you believe in the power of positive thinking. If you practice yoga, manifesting may be more your thing. If you lean toward the scientific, you compare forecast models….or watch the Weather Channel. However you do it, can we all please send a collective call for snow?

Last winter was high and dry for the most of the country. (We’re not talking to you, Pacific Northwest.) We accepted our fate and calmly trudged through the season of scant, firm snow and obscenely, unseasonable temperatures. After a full year of patience, how about if we all burn some skis, give a shout out to Ullr, wash our cars, re-roof our homes, and do anything else that is bound to bring a big, fat snowstorm?

Many ski areas have already opened and will optimistically trudge on until the atmosphere kicks in with a little help. If you’re itching to slide downhill, Ibex has collected regional resources below. Just find your general area, hit the link and look up your local hill.

In the meantime, think snow….please.

New England

Plus some of our local, Vermont haunts



Colorado and the Southwest

Utah and Intermountain West

Pacific Northwest and British Columbia


Weather forecast resources: