Ibex Impact Fund

Ibex is made up of more than just people who work in our Vermont headquarters, our retail stores, our farms, and within our supply chain. “We” includes all of our customers, too. We recognize that we are all pursuing adventures outside in Ibex products. And when we aren’t able to get out there, we’re helping others down their own trails.

We know it’s difficult for some folks to get outside, and that’s where the Ibex CloseKnit team wants to help. We’re in the process of developing and launching a new advocacy program in early 2017. Our plan is to select organizations based on a set of parameters to receive monetary and product donations.

We will look at organizations that:

  • * Get people outside
  • * Support environmental stewardship
  • * Support animal advocacy

There will be a lot more to come early next year, including a downloadable application, so please check back in a couple of months. In the meantime, we’ll see you outside.


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