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The Atmospheric River: Adaptability in California’s Sierra Nevada


Words and photos by Ibex Advocate Jake Young In early January of 2017, one of the largest storms of the past ten years struck California. The storm brought fierce precipitation causing floods, mudslides, and falling trees, but it also helped California escape one its most severe droughts on record. As the storm moved across the… Read more »

Ski Mo, Randonée, Skinning…You Gotta Go Up to Get Down

24 Hours of Bolton Images provided by RJ Thompson What could be more fun than a 12-hour sufferfest on skis? A 24-hour sufferfest on skis! If the suffering part leaves a little to be desired, invite your friends and make it a team sport. Or go it alone – at your own pace – without… Read more »

The Science of Layering for Skate Skiing, Downhill and, Of Course, Sledding

credit: http://www.prettyunexpected.com/handmade-type-thursday-fabric-layers/ Layer, shmayer. Everyone says it and we all get it, right? And how often do we all blow it? Regularly. There are three primary reasons for the value of layering: Proper layering leaves enough space to trap air, which your body will heat and the air will return the favor. Practically speaking: If you… Read more »

Ski Area Opening Dates Around the Country (and Canada, too)

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you believe in the power of positive thinking. If you practice yoga, manifesting may be more your thing. If you lean toward the scientific, you compare forecast models….or watch the Weather Channel. However you do it, can we all please send a collective call for snow? Last winter… Read more »