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Yay, Earth! Give to #WeKeepItWild, Get Sweet Gear

This Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Before you head out on whatever adventure your weekend will bring, we invite you to swing by www.ibex.com to see if any new gear sings the siren song of desire. It’s not like us to encourage computer time when you could be playing outside, but it is for… Read more »

Treating Your Trash Well: How an Obsession With Waste Formed a Committed Partnership

Being mindful of the waste we generate isn’t unusual, but stopping at nothing to minimize the negative effects of our trash and recyclables shows a little bit of our company’s obsessive nature. Our partner in (admittedly obsessive compulsive) trash-related crime, Poly Recovery, often claims to be pioneers in sustainable recycling. Though that sounds great, the… Read more »