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Ibex Plays a Game of “Stranded in the Backcountry” with Serena Gordon

Scenario: You’re stranded with plenty of water, basic food and heat in a cabin in the snowy backcountry. Who: Serena Gordon, cycling goddess, cyclocross badass, saver of wild places, writer and Ibex-sponsored athlete. Ibex: You get to choose: In which snowy backcountry area would you love to be stranded? Serena: Any place with a big… Read more »

Kikkan Randall’s Journey

We’ve followed Kikkan Randall’s career with particular interest and a very personal stake in her growth as an athlete in her chosen sport. That’s because when Kikkan made it her intent to be an international caliber Nordic skier, there weren’t a lot of Americans doing just that. Kikkan comes from an athletic family. Raised in Alaska, her aunt was… Read more »

He Said, She Said: Planning to Run Hut-to-Hut in the Austrian Alps

Joe Mills and Kara Henry are just your average couple. You know… in a typical week, they work full time, study for advanced degrees, have a few beers with friends, rack up first ascents on 5.14+ routes and run 100-mile trail races on the weekends for fun. Like we said: average. That is if “average”… Read more »