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Björn Bauer is Stranded in the Backcountry

Gotta get up to fall down. Photo by Björn Bauer. The premise: “Stranded in the Backcountry” is Ibex’s mash up of the New York Times’ “Three Days In…” series, NPR’s Desert Island Discs, and our own bias for skipping out on society every now and again. Whether it’s a stroke a good luck or your… Read more »

Stranded in the Backcountry With Ibex’s Own VP of Product, James Fisher

In our ongoing series…wait…does two over a year count as a series (one, two)? Sure. In our ongoing series, Stranded in the Backcountry, Ibex wants to know how you’d spend three, blissful days alone in nature. All of your basic needs are covered (food, water, heat, shelter, etc.) are in this “what if” game masquerading… Read more »

Stranded in the Backcountry With Fearless Ibex Intern, Alex Bozuwa

Ah… the glory of working at Ibex. What speaks of more glamour than sheep, Vermont winters and fancy new office clothes covered in dog hair? Clearly, these were highfalutin selling points to Alexandra Bozuwa, whom we’ve recently welcomed to the team as a summer intern. Alex is a Vermont native, trying the West Coast on… Read more »