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An Outdoorsy Kind of Love

Outdoorsy Love

The best relationships have us swearing we could never imagine life on our own; in the not-so-good ones, we’re positive that living alone (dirty laundry on the floor, brewing the coffee to our desired intensity, and going fishing whenever we feel like it) surely beats the heartbreak and drama of trying to manage two souls… Read more »

Anatomy of a Break Up: The Aftermath

Three years ago, Ibex followed the sad end of a relationship. This is the aftermath. Hey Polypro, So…it was…umm…weird to bump into you today. Great to see you, of course! I guess I just wasn’t prepared, you know? I was just running into Whole Foods to pick up injera ingredients for my Ethiopian-themed Valentine’s party,… Read more »

On ending a dead-end relationship

On ending a dead-end relationship ibexbuzz: Dear Polypropylene, I’m breaking up with you. It’s not only that your name is impossible to spell, and that the very sound of it is a dead give-away to your “born-in-a-laboratory” birthright. It’s just that I’ve found a better partner, and I’m madly in love. Who it is isn’t… Read more »