Ibex Presents: Circles; featuring Firefly Bicycles

Within the cycling community there are many tribes. These tribes include trail builders, mechanics, riders of particular bikes, singlespeeders, etc. Our series, Circles, is about sharing with you the people, things, and lifestyles that inspire us.

Firefly bicycles is a custom bike building company out of Boston, dedicated to the handmade craft of frame building and staying true to the use of materials to build the finest bikes possible. For more information on Firefly Bicycles visit their web site: http://fireflybicycles.com/

Shot on location at Firefly
Produced by Ibex Outdoor Clothing (www.ibex.com)
Directed, Filmed & Edited by Evan Kay
Music: Plain Dream by Goodby Kumiko (http://goodbyekumiko.bandcamp.com

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